Agar Extended 2 (Ax2). Chrome Extension.

here << more information and history.

The developer of the original game is completely blocked access to the further development of the addon.

Good night, sweet prince.


you need to remove the extension if you have not already done so.

The Google Chrome Extension.

Improve your gameplay!

Patch notes:

(Version 0.2.5)
— Added shortcut play button
— Added favicon
— Slightly changed extended colors formula
— Added more user skins
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.2.4)
— Added skin selector
— Added more user skins
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.2.3)
— Fixed scoreboard in teams mode
— Added more user skins
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.2.2)
— Fixed zoom on some platforms
— Slightly changed extended colors
— Added more user skins
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.2.0)
— Fixed bug with game crash
— Slightly changed extended colors
— Added zoom in spectator mode
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.1.3)
— Added support for Teams mode
— New IP connector (fixed disconnect after death)
— Added short info on menu screen
— Fixed bug with double ESC
— Slight changes in color formulas
— Added more user skins
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.1.2)
— Dark theme border is now visible
— Updated IP form connector
— Added more user skins
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.1.1)
— An option to enable opacity for skinned players (useful to see the colors and the skins)
— Fixed the color system (added a new color for indication) 
— Bug fixes

(Version 0.1.0)
— Borders are now visible in the light theme
— Mousewheel zoom
— Ip connection in the main menu
— Mass of all the balls is now visible
— Player coordinates are now visible (near the score screen)
— A new color system (Details are below)
— Custom skins (you can order a custom skin on the site)

Color system:
— Viruses are always grey
— Your cell is blue
— Cells that can kill us after splitting are red
— Cells that can only kill us without splitting are orange
— Cells that are close to our size (neither you can it them nor they can eat you)
— Cells that we can kill without splitting only are dark green
— Cells that we will be able to kill after splitting are bright green

How to install:

Push the button "Add to Chrome" in the store. It's done


Instruction (for direct download):
1. Download agar-io-latest.crx by link above. (Save link as...)
2. Open tab "Extensions" (chrome://extensions)
3. Drag-n-drop downloaded file straight into.